Worker In The Light

I do not claim to be a medicine person
I do not slay Dragons

I do however offer myself to be a channel
for Spirit to do Divine work

I will stand present
for you
for your family
for your animals
for your business

I do ask you to stand present for yourself
in order for the work to be done

I invite you to understand
that Spirit does the work

I only ask in a humble manner with
good intensions
that these good things happen

Floyd I am

Floyd Leverton

Spiritual and energy work sessions are conducted by telephone, Skype, or in person in Los Angeles, CA.

Session Rates

$300 first hour

$200 each additional hour

Payment can be made by check payable to:

Floyd Leverton
P.O. Box 452570
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Call or email for appointment


Client Testimonials

There are challenges in life that arise when you wonder...why is this happening? We were dealing with a long annoying lawsuit with our neighbors over a tree. It was under these circumstances that we met Floyd. He came by to give us an estimate for the tree, and what we received was so much more.

Upon meeting him, we were struck by his presence, wisdom, sensitivity and regalia. He conducted a ceremony for us that was expansive, affirmative, and not to mention, wildly accurate. His insight not only pertained to the tree, but to our lives and beyond. We were assuaged.

Floyd is a humble ambassador of spirit. His integrity instills confidence and fortitude in times when you need a helping hand, and he is able to do all this with a sense of humor.

We recently sought his counsel to gain more clarity. The stakes were high purchasing a new home. Floyd gave us a precise breakdown of the situation and the players so we could execute negotiations with aplomb.

We feel so blessed to have Floyd in our lives. He's that rare, real deal.*:-* kiss

Chloë ∞ Chad

For years we had a large beehive in a tree in our yard. Reluctant to kill the bees, we hired a beekeeper to try to move them to a box where they could then be transported to safety in the Antelope Valley. Unfortunately, the queen did not cooperate so the bees remained in the tree.

They had found their way into a wall of our home and they were stinging our grandchildren as they played in our yard.

I was about to call an exterminator when Floyd Leverton arrived to trim our trees. I told him of our dilemma and he asked if I would let him talk to the bees and tell them to leave or they were going to be killed.

Not sure what to expect, but willing to take a chance at saving the bees, I told Floyd to go ahead, which he did. The bees swarmed out of the hive, came down and landed 15ft above Floyd while he was talking.

Within 24 hours the bees were gone, all of them, and they have never returned.


Brother Floyd is a stand for Creator's highest expression in every situation.

To have him sitting with you is to be held in the listening of all of the Angels and Ancestors; All united to assist you in your highest remembering. You are held lovingly with Floyd.

When I have listened to his prayers, they have mended my broken, deflated heart and buoyed by spirit back into alignment with wonderment. He is a humble man. His ritual offerings are pure, his intention is directed through powerful ancient ceremony. Floyd carries a big generous spirit.

Floyd has facilitated my sacred union with my partner before all of Creation. He celebrated and knit our roads together to bless our marriage and guide us on the true path of the heart. I am eternally grateful for this facilitation.

My life would be less rich and my soul less full without him. He is working within the light to illuminate our lessons. He approaches his brothers and sisters in equality, never attempting to power over someone or take their lessons on. He is tender in the face of struggle; which disarms it completely.

Floyd has considerable insight that pops in and through him. He is clear that he is not source but that he encourages Source to work through him. His results are impressive. He has seen dis-ease and discordant energies in people's bodies return to harmony. He is a gifted healing facilitator.


Floyd has had an astonishing impact on my 14 year old, 4 legged daughter, who has an advance heart condition, as well as a “growth” on her liver. The western medicine veterinarian diagnosed my Chihuahua/Italian greyhound mix with a Pulmonary Hypertension condition as well as right side heart failure.

Originally after seeing the Vet and allowing him to do all the testing for the growth that included an ultra sound, full panel blood work and urinary testing; he told me to wait, but prepare myself for a major surgical procedure to attempt to remove the growth on her liver. To the tune of several thousands of dollars, which I was prepared to set aside, because I would do anything for my little girl.

Floyd and I spoke and he agreed to come to my house and visit her and he did. I specifically asked what he thought he would be able to accomplish and he responded by stating comfort and possibly healing to some degree. She was considerably agitated at first towards Floyd, but less then minutes later she was lying next to him as calm and peaceful as if it was me.

That night she slept better than the previous 3 weeks and the next day had more energy than I could possibly imagine. Floyd’s visualization of Layla’s health conditions preceded the Vet’s diagnosis on numerous occasions over the past year. After observing Layla’s daily activities, we became concerned that she was being over medicated and we turned to Floyd for his insight. Using his unique gifts of spiritual readings, he spoke with spirit about the levels of toxins in her meds and gave us his recommendation.

We made the suggested changes and she returned to her happy loving self. This was the first of many visits from the energy of the ‘healing man’.